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Offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees, South University is committed to providing educational opportunities for those who are ready to grow. Our programs combine industry-aligned coursework and hands-on experiences with faculty support and mentorship to prepare you to make an impact in your community and your career.

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Why Get a Degree at South University?

You have the motivation and drive to succeed. South University has the focused degree programs, one-on-one support, and subject matter expertise you need to make your goals a reality. Here you can develop the skills and knowledge to begin a new career or enhance your existing one while learning from faculty with years of experience and knowledge in their fields.

It’s not about class time. It’s about learning.

You can attend South University online, at one of our many campuses, or through SouthVR, which remotely delivers instruction from our ground campuses. Each degree program at South University is designed to push ambitious students to their potential by combining relevant coursework and applicable experience with a supportive faculty and professional environment.

Great for transferring or completing your degree.

Choosing to return or transfer to South University to complete your degree can be one of the best decisions you make. With our professional environment, experience, supportive faculty, and academic standards, you get the triple threat of education that will prepare you to potentially take your career where you want it to go.

An online school built for students like you.

Haven’t experienced online learning before or wondering what it’s like to earn your degree online at South University? Our online classroom offers added convenience by letting you attend class at any time, from anywhere you can connect to the internet. In class, our faculty will hold you to the same standards of academic excellence that we have for all South University students, helping to inspire your intellectual, social and professional growth today and into the future.

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