Marketing, Advertising & PR Degrees & Certificates

The careers of marketing, advertising, and public relations are excellent choices for people who love to write and communicate with others.

Over the past decade, all three of these professions have become more focused on digital interactions. Marketers have had to become experts at social media. Advertising professionals are focused on creating effective online ads. Public relations experts have redoubled their efforts to capture the attention of consumers who are glued to their electronic devices.

The need to communicate is driving strong demand for these professions. The 10-year outlook shows 6% job growth, well above the average for all professions. Companies have recognized the need for marketing, advertising, and public relations in what is increasingly a competitive market.

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What You Will Learn

Seek a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, business administration, or a related field to pursue a career in one of these professions. Courses of study may include market research, advertising, business communications, principles of marketing, consumer behavior, statistics, and media studies.

What You Can Earn

$141,490: That’s the median salary that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports for marketing, advertising, and PR managers.

What to Set Your Sights On

Seek a Master of Business Administration (MBA) to achieve a VP or C-suite position in the marketing or advertising field.

The Origins of Marketing and Advertising

Word-of-mouth advertising—think of the town crier—has been around since the Middle Ages, preceding the invention of the printing press in 1440 A.D.

A Day in the Life of a Marketing Professional

You’ll likely be working in collaborative teams, using your specialty skills in marketing, advertising, or PR to help your organization achieve its strategic goals.

Get Ready to Innovate

Personalization, which leverages data to deliver messaging targeted to an individual based on their purchases, shopping habits, websites frequented, etc., is the wave of the future in marketing—and will be powered by artificial intelligence.