Graphic Design, Animation, and Video Gaming Degrees & Certificates

Your artistic talent may lead you to a thriving career as a graphic designer, animation specialist, or video game designer.

All of these professions have one prerequisite in common: the ability to excel in visual arts. Job candidates also need to have strong computer skills, a great eye for color, and boundless creativity.

The job outlook for graphic designers is expected to decline by 4% throughout the 2020s. However, animators have a rosier outlook of 4% growth for that same period. Meanwhile, video game designers have a 10-year growth outlook of nearly 10%.

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What You Will Learn

Bachelor’s degrees in graphic design, animation, and video game development typically include courses in art, graphics, design, computer skills, and specific skills for each profession.

What You Can Earn

$50,000-$110,000: Graphic designers earn a median annual salary of $53,380, while animators achieve a median of $77,700. Video game designers have the best earnings path of all, with annual salaries ranging from entry-level salaries of $60,000 to nearly $110,000 for experienced lead game designers.

What to Set Your Sights On

After excelling at your entry-level position, look for opportunities to move up by working on collaborative teams, managing projects, and eventually leading your own staff.

The Origins of Graphic Design

You can trace graphic design back to 40,000-year-old cave paintings, though it emerged as a profession with the invention of the printing press around 1440 A.D.

A Day in the Life of a Graphic Artist

Most days, you’ll find graphic artists, animators, and game designers at the computer, creating and refining their work, though they also spend time working collaboratively in teams

Go West!

The hottest job prospects for video game designers are in Los Angeles and San Francisco, though Seattle and Austin, Texas, are also strong markets.