Fashion Degrees & Certificates

If you have an eye for design and a head for business, a career in fashion may be the right pursuit for you.

Fashion designers use such creative skills as drawing, fabric selection, and garment construction. However, there are also business-related fashion careers covering such functions as merchandising, marketing, purchasing, and sales.

The job outlook for fashion designers is expected to decline by 4% throughout the 2020s. However, equipping yourself with a bachelor’s degree in the field will help you get your foot in the door, possibly leading to exciting opportunities in the fashion centers of New York and Los Angeles.

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What You Will Learn

A bachelor’s degree in fashion will teach you the creative, technical, and business aspects of the industry. Learn the entirety of the design process, from concept to production.

What You Can Earn

$75,000-$200,000+: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median annual salary of $75,810 for fashion designers. You can also realize strong earnings as a fashion buyer ($69,463-$85,912); fashion merchandiser ($37,000-$73,000), or creative director ($66,000-$234,000).

What to Set Your Sights On

Find your creative niche as a fashion designer, though you might prefer the fast-paced action of being a buyer, merchandiser, or creative director.

The Origins of Fashion

Rose Bertin was the first notable fashion designer, gaining prominence in 18th-century France as the dressmaker to Marie Antoinette.

A Day in the Life of Fashion Professional

On any given day, you may find yourself attending a fashion show, sketching or designing a new collection, working with models, or meeting with top fashion execs to put your latest creation into production.

Find Your Specialty

The fashion industry is not just about creating clothes. It’s also about creating jewelry, scarves, handbags, footwear—and more!