Finding scholarships as an adult learner

Sometimes finding scholarships for non-traditional students can be a challenge, but there are ways to find scholarships suited to you

Individuals who never earned a degree may have considered going back to college as an adult, but abandoned the idea due to a lack of financial resources. However, prospective adult learners should know that even when money is tight, students may qualify to make their return to school more affordable, such as through scholarships.

At 54 years old, Margaret Innocenti is among the adult students fortunate enough to receive help paying for her studies, The Associated Press reported. The Oregon resident is currently enrolled at a community college, but plans to transfer to a university next fall with help from a Ford ReStart scholarship from the Ford Family Foundation Scholarship Program.

Through this award, which is designed to help nontraditional students further their education, Innocenti can study engineering and computer science. Now, Innocenti will know if she truly would make a good engineer – something she told her father nearly 40 years ago.

Still, there are plenty of other scholarship opportunities for students like Innocenti who want to reach their goals by earning a college degree. For instance, adults may be eligible to receive financial assistance through one of the Imagine America Foundation’s scholarships. According to the foundation’s website, $1,000 adult college grants are available to select students.

Individuals can learn more about paying for college by opening up’s Adult Education Guide.