Started traditional, finished online

You don't have to choose one method of learning

Dawn Palazzo of Rochester, N.Y. didn't think that finishing her degree would work out for her.

“In the late 80’s, I was a matriculated MBA student at a top business school," she explains, "my classes were on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and my company was paying for my education.”

For family reasons, she stopped taking classes — and thought about restarting 11 years later.

“About this time, online MBA programs became more popular. After hearing a segment on these programs on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ I contacted the University of Phoenix,” Palazzo says. “The MBA program at the University of Phoenix was an accredited program and offered more classes on a rotating basis than others I was looking at, which meant that my studies wouldn’t be put on hold because of a lack of class offerings.”

Working online taught Palazzo much about teamwork and communication.

“Many professionals have designations that require them to maintain continuing educational requirements, and e-education is one of the most cost effective and time-efficient ways to meet those requirements,” she says. “It certainly worked for me.”

Palazzo shows that it's possible to finish your degree at any time and by whatever means is most effective for you.