About Back2Learn.com

Mission Statement

Back2Learn.com helps adults find the perfect college and program, whether it’s online or on-campus, two-year or four-year, full-time or part-time. Our college partners’ degree choices range from certificate to doctorate, and offer programs in business, health care, technology, criminal justice, cosmetology, trades and more. Our goal is to make an accurate match between prospective adult learner prospects and the schools that meet their educational needs.

Corporate Core Values

  • We are customer-service-oriented
  • We're accountable
  • We're helpful to our adult learners and college clients


Back2Learn.com was founded in 2009 to help adult learners find their best college match.

Back2Learn.com spun off from NextStepU (NextStepU.com), the high school college-planning magazine and website. The need for Back2Learn.com became apparent after NextStepU saw an increase in the number of adults requesting relevant college-planning information to improve their skills.

Back2Learn.com offers a comprehensive college match for adult learners. Prospective students can also find helpful information for adults planning for college, such as about financial aid and credit transfers, as well as motivating stories from successful adult learners.

Back2Learn.com is headquartered in Rochester, N.Y. Contact us directly at (866) 233-8707 or info@Back2Learn.com.

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